ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Dr Babar Awan has said that government was committed to reduce the price of the petroleum products and to pass on the benefit to the public at large. He expressed these views while addressing a public gathering here at Noon village on Sunday and reiterated the PPP-led government stance to resolve the masses problems and made it clear that no hindrance in the progress of the country and its people would be tolerated. He said that the government policies were for the welfare of public at large and they were not furthering the interests of the selected few like the practice in the past. He asked the bureaucracy to concentrate more on the public service and play their due role in the socio-economic prosperity of the country. Mentioning some substantive steps taken in the past few months, he remarked that despite the on-going financial meltdown, government was stood by its commitment of service to the masses and despite the financial crunch had launched the Benazir Income Support Programme to share the financial problems of the downtrodden. Dr. Awan said that the employees, who were earlier, ousted whether during rightsizing or downsizing had been reinstated by the current regime and cabinet had approved a large amount to compensate and accommodate them from the back dates. "We are the one who raised the slogan of bread, cloth and shelter for everyone and we are going to accomplish our promise made to the people during the elections", Dr. Babar emphatically said. On arrival to the venue of the meeting Dr. Babar Awan was accorded warm welcome and people and he inaugurated the link road at Sheikh Pur Road amidst the slogans in support of PPP government. He also pledged to resolve the other problems being faced by the people of the area on priority basis. He also announced provision of Sui gas to the area and said that he would take up the issue with relevant authorities. He also issued on the spot order to provide electricity at the remote places of the village. He assured the people the facility of an ambulance would also be made available to the residents round the clock and also announced upgrading of a post office.