ISLAMABAD - Khateeb of Bilal Ghosia Mosque, Pir Qadeer Ahmad Naqshbandi, has been shot dead allegedly by one of his two old seminary fellows when they visited him at his residence attached with the mosque situated in Sihala area. The local police on getting the information rushed to the spot. However, the alleged attacker fled the scene while the police arrested his accomplice. According to a police official, the deceased Pir was in his room, attached to the mosque, when two persons namely Sohail and Faisal Shahzad came to see him. After having a brief chat with Pir Qadeer, Sohail shot him dead and escaped from the scene. The police official also disclosed that Sohail and Faisal Shahzad had been studying together at Jamia Muhammadia Ghosia, Rawalpindi. No motive behind the murder has been ascertained so far, the official said. However, he said Sihala Police have taken Faisal Shahzad into custody for interrogation.