DUBAI - Geoff Lawson, the former Pakistani coach is an eye specialist. He is a qualified optometrist who graduated with a Bachelor of Optometry (BOptom) from the University of New South Wales. However, he was unaware about the eye drops (Keratyl) being used by Mohammad Asif for his alleged painful inflamed eye. Speaking from Australia over his mobile, he laughed off Mohmmad Asif's claim and said, "it is a news to me (about his recent statement). The eye drops were not prescribed by me. I don't know if he had used these drops under any doctor's advice during IPL matches or by any National Cricket Academy (NCA) physio or medical person". "During my time with the team, I was only concentrating on coaching and not on the medical side", he emphasised. "Why the treating doctor chose this at first choice ? Was there a prescription and did the doctor think the other leagal options before using this ? And since Asif didn't submit the TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) certificate, his guilt can't be pardoned", one of the official well conversant with the WADA laws said. "Not until he proves beyond doubt that it was the fault of the doctors by providing proofs, Asif can get the punishment", he further said. The official also forwarded exclusively the document which suggests the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) found athlete guilty of using eye drops, although some Dr gave evidence then that this medication was must for that athlete. Federico Turrini, a professional swimmer enrolled with the Italian Amy, participated in Military World Games in Hyderabad (India) between 14-21 October 2007. He tested positive to 19 norandrosterone, at a concentration higher than the threshold limit of 2 ng/ml. He used the same eye drops (Keratyl) prescribed by his personal medical physician Dr. Mario Bosi. The CAS Judge Conny Jorneklint admitted the appeal filed by WADA and the swimmer was banned for two years. The Indian lawyer appointed by Mohammad Asif is however, hopeful. "There is no reason why my client (Asif) can't win this battle," Ravi Singhania said over his mobile from Mumbai. "I can't dislcose the views forwarded by us in this issue", he said. Ravi Singhania. He is one of the best lawyers of India. He is also the owner and partner of Singhania & Partners. "I was directly approached by Asif during his latest trip to Delhi", he said. "I and a fair cricket-fan and have been following cricket played by Asif. As any other client I would have accepted the case, I decided to fight for him", the lawyer signed off.