Karachi - The City Nazim said Sunday that city government had facilitated the people by the construction of new roads and made their access possible to highway. It was stated by City Nazim Mustafa Kamal during his visit to Scheme 33, Maymarabad, New Karachi, Surjani Town and adjacent areas. The City District Government (CDGK) had not only repaired and widened existing roads in the metropolis but also constructed new roads to provide convenient travel to citizens living in different areas of the city. Scheme 33, Surjani Town and its adjacent areas were connected directly to Superhighway through new roads as alternate to Sohrab Goth route, which has increased the value of property in these areas besides raising the standard of life. He also reviewed the start of new projects and met with citizens. The City Nazim, on this occasion, said that members of all housing societies of Scheme 33 were depressed till three years back due to the damage happened to infrastructure laid there 30 to 35 years back while the government had no planning for these areas and the land of these housing societies was encroached upon by land mafia. Haq Parast city government had focussed special attention on the development and reconstruction of these areas. Besides, constructing main roads in Scheme 33, it also connected Abul Hasan Ispahani Road to Superhighway via new road to provide direct link to highway. He also said that a new infrastructure of inner roads, water and sewerage system has been installed in whole areas after which the people started settling there. Although, the construction of signal free corridor-II has lessened their problems but new road has been constructed to provide direct access to Superhighway. He said that the two-track bridge on Lyari River has also been constructed even though it was not the part of the planning for this road. Nazim Karachi said that after completion of this road travel duration from Maymarbad, Ahsanabad, Schme 33 to Manghopir Road and Orangi and from Surjani, Baldia Town and New Karachi to Superhighway will reduce to few minutes.