Pakistanis prophecy and belief about the US policies towards Pakistan have come true after the oath-taking of Mr Obama. Before the US Presidential elections and after the victory of Barack Hussain Obama, the analysts and the people of the country were of the opinion that the US's policies towards Pakistan would not change merely with the change of top guards at the White House. The recent attacks of drones that took place immediately after the oath-taking of Obama are in accordance with the expectations and feelings of a majority of the countrymen and the US's strategy towards this country. Mr Obama won countless applauds from Pakistanis when he announced the closure of the world's notorious prison at Guantanamo Bay and abolition of CIA's investigation centres outside the United States. With this unexpected and astounding announcement from Barack Hussain Obama the people of Pakistan started expecting an end to the unabated attacks of the US drones in areas located close to the Afghan border in which many innocent people, including women and children had been killed mercilessly in the name of so-called war on terror. During his election campaign the newly-elected President of the United States vowed to bring change and peace in the world. His decisions about the closure of the most infamous prison and abolition of CIA's centres had been welcomed throughout the world. Mr Obama also said that he would improve ties with the Muslim world. However, his silence over the recent attacks of drones has disappointed and dejected the Pakistani people and the Muslim Ummah as well. Because his mum on the drones issue would lead to the killings of more innocent people in the so-called crusade of the United States and its puppet forces in certain Pakistani areas, where thousands of Pakistani military-men were already fighting the proxy war against the militants. The entire world knows that the policies of the ex-US President George W. Bush have created hatred between the Muslims and the non-Muslims. In other words the Muslims are being treated as enemies to the non-Muslims after the 9/11 incidents, thanks to the cruel policies of the Bush administration that faced a humiliating defeat in the recent elections. The US people, weary of nearly a decade-long fake war on terror voted in favour of Mr Obama because they wanted to see a real change _ peace and friendship everywhere in the world. The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, attack on Afghanistan, the US invasion on Iraq and war on terror have become doubtful in the eyes of the people in the world. Because the former US President had already admitted that his administration's claim of mass destruction weapons in Iraq was wrong. Similarly, a senior British soldier had also admitted that the US and its allied forces in Afghanistan could not win war even in next 100 years. The US and its allied forces do not want war with the militants, but they are forced to obey the official orders. To sum up, Mr Bush and his administrators became symbols of disdain and derision all over the world because of their notorious policies of killings of a countless number of the Muslims in the name of war on terror. Mr Bush, the history and the entire world would ever remember the 'warm' welcome accorded to the former US President in Iraq during his farewell visit when an Iraqi journalist, Al-Muntazir Zaidi, threw a pair of shoes (one by one) on the face of Bush. This unique farewell was seen live by the world that amused the viewers who expressed the opinion that Bush rightly deserved it because of his cunning policies that ended in fiasco at the end of this second tenure. If the newly-elected President of the United States did not fulfil the promises he had made with his voters and well-wishers in the world, neither the history nor his voters would forgive him and he too would have to face accountability at the time of the next elections. It is the right time that Barack Obama should take a bold decision of so-called war on terror in Pakistan, Afghanistan and put pressure on Pakistan and India to resolve the Kashmir dispute.