Pakistan has petroleum reserves for only six days while the furnace oil stock has fallen to the level where it can meet only nine-day requirements of the country, reveals the latest data available with a private TV. When contacted, Additional Secretary and spokesman for the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, G A Sabri confirmed the news saying that existing petroleum reserves were sufficient for only six days, but there will be a considerable boost to country's oil reserves after it get new shipment of oil today (Monday). Sabri said the government was vigilant about the petroleum products' reserves. "We are currently importing petroleum products based on 10 days' inventory keeping in view the dollar constraints." However, POL reserves data available with Geo news as on January 22 says that the country presently has strategic reserves of petrol for six days and of furnace oil for nine days. The data also reveals that in the corresponding period of the last year, the country had petrol reserves for 20 days' consumption and furnace oil for 21 days.