Stalwarts of the N&Q Leagues, the illicit off-springs of the original Muslim League, have been talking for unification for the past several months. Top men of the two factions have not been on speaking terms for ages due to the national interest (as usual). There was never a greater need for their unification as today, though. The faulty policies of the rulers have brought down stock of the nation as never before. It is because of the present ruler's tame obedience to the commands of Uncle Sam in return for the life-saving gift of NRO that has made us lose our self-respect. Thus, ill matched as they are, there is a pressing need for N&Q to unite so that it can act as a responsible and effective opposition in the parliament. Join hands in private and discretely to save the country from further downfall. If they cannot do that now, they should stop this charade of playing hide and seek like children through the media. People like me feel dismayed looking at this present lot because we have had the honour of knowing Mr. Jinnah and taking part in the Pakistan movement. I still carry the scar of a head injury caused by the lathi of a Sikh sepoy in the police lathi-charge at Aligarh Muslim University. I Had joined a demonstration of the Muslim League workers at the house of Khizar Hayat, the Punjab premier. -B.A. MALIK, Lahore, via e-mail, January 13.