MINGORA - Taliban militants, while announcing 'general amnesty' for workers of different political forces, have urged 47 persons to produce themselves before their self-styled Islamic court. Taliban spokesman Sunday announced the names of 47 persons who are severely criticising at world level the events of destroying schools and banning women education. So far Taliban have destroyed more than 172 schools and the NWFP government has handed over 18 schools and one college to the security forces. Although majority of what Taliban claim as 'wanted persons' belongs to Awami National Party (ANP), yet the names of a number of important leaders from PML-Q are also included in the list. Moreover, two persons belonging to different factions of PPP, former JUI-F MPA Maulana Irfanullah and a number of former civil and police employees are also included in the list. Former federal minister Muhammad Afzal Khan and his close relatives including Provincial Minister Muhammad Ayub Khan Ashari, Tehsil Nazim Matta Abdul Jabbar Khan and Tahir Khan Ashari, all from ruling ANP, are included in the list. Similarly District Nazim Jamal Nasar along with his father former federal minister Shujaat Ali Khan, both from PML-Q, are also included in the list that also incorporates the names of PML-Q Provincial President Engineer Amir Muqam and former party MPA Malik Qaimoos Khan. The other prominent names included in the list are MNA Muzaffarul Mulk Khan, MPA Dr Shamsher Ali Khan, PPP-S leader Sher Shah Khan, ANP Central Joint Secretary Khan Nawab, PPP-P leader Muhammad Sher Khan and different Union Council Nazims. It may be mentioned that houses and other properties of most of these people have already been destroyed by the militants. A number of them have lost their close relatives at hands of Taliban and have abandoned their native villages and are residing in other parts of the country.