RAWALPINDI - A Peace Conference was organised by Pakistan Mazdoor Kisan Party (PMKP) at Rawalpindi Islamabad Press Club here on Sunday. Representatives of other parties, including PPP Sherpao Secretary General Anisazeb Tahir Khaili, Muhammad Hanif Chaudhry from Jamaat-e-Islami, Mushtaq Chaudhry from Peoples Democratic Front and other workers' organisations also participated in the conference and spoke against US imperialist designs. PPP Sherpao Secretary General Anisazeb Tahir Khaili said that unrest in tribal belt would jeopardise peace across the country. She said that all countrymen should forge unity among their ranks to tackle enemies' design. She urged government to adopt negotiations to solve the problems in tribal areas and developmental activities must be fastened. Central President Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party Afzal Khamoosh said that American presence was the main reason for the death and destruction in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Palestine. "Peace can never return to these countries unless and until US presence and interference has been done away with," Khamoosh said while presenting his key-note address at the Peace Conference.