ISLAMABAD - Security agencies have warned fishermen from Balochistan to get their fishing boats registered with the respective provincial authorities without further delay, sources informed TheNation on Monday. Sources said that there were more than 6,000 fishing boats operating out from Makran coast, and most of them have not yet registered with the fishery department or other relevant authorities. According to informed sources, the move has come about after owners of some of the fishing boats have accused others of involvement in smuggling and other sea-borne crimes. The matter gained significance in view of increasing incidents of sea-borne piracy off the coast of Somalia and other countries on the Horn of Africa. Sources said that the situation aggravated last month when ostensibly Somalian pirates hijacked one of the Pakistani boats. The vessel was released after some time, and later it came to light during the investigations that the said boat was involved in smuggling of goods. Since the focus of the US-led war on terror is shifting towards Somalia and Yemen, it has become imperative to regulate the activities of the fishing boats operating out from the Makran coast, sources said. Security agencies also warned the owners of the boats to register the crew manning their boats while at sea for fishing.