LAHORE A teenager suicide bomber narrowly missed the possible target and blew up his explosive vest near Urdu Bazaar Crossing in the metropolis on Tuesday evening, leaving 16 people, including four policemen, dead and dozens others injured, police sources and eyewitnesses said. Top police investigators say the shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA), popularly known as Data Gunj Bukhsh, was the target of the bomber but he exploded his jacket at a cordon as the cops intercepted him for body scan. Some security pundits believe the bomber wanted to penetrate the traditional Chehlum procession of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and other martyrs of Karbala. Both religious events were taking place in the same locality. The police had sealed the entire Walled City while the government declared local holiday on the final day of Urs of Hazrat Ali Hajveri. A group affiliated with the Taliban claimed responsibility for the latest attack. We will continue such attacks in future, Shakirullah Shakir, a spokesman for Fidayeen-e-Islam militant group was quoted by a news agency as having said. Bomb disposal squad officials said about three to four-kg ball-bearings were used in the suicide vest as the high-intensity blast badly damaged two police vehicles as well. The bomber threw his bag towards policemen and then blew up his vest, containing more than 12-kg explosive material, according to an investigation officer. The police investigators recovered head of the suicide bomber lying about 100-meter away from the blast site. The boy detonated his vest about five feet away from the police vans. Three policemen, who were sitting in a patrolling car, died instantly, one of the injured cops told this reporter at a hospital bed. There were also some charred bodies lying near the police vans. The blood-soaked shoes and caps of the martyred policemen were visible on the road while their injured colleagues were screaming nearby as rescue workers and ambulances responded to the emergency quickly. I saw pieces of human bodies flying in thick smoke after the blast. It was huge and powerful, an eyewitness rickshaw driver Mujahid said. A 14-year-old boy detonated his suicide vest seconds after the policemen intercepted him for body search at a barrier near the Urdu Bazaar Crossing, City Police Chief Aslam Tareen told reporters after visiting the blast site. The police and law enforcement agencies were on a high alert across the city as extra-ordinary security measures had been taken to maintain peace on the occasion of annual Urs of Hazrat Ali Hajveri and the Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS). We have received 10 dead bodies and more than 52 injured are in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, where doctors are struggling to save their lives. Many of the injured are in serious condition, Dr Zahid Pervaiz, medical superintendent of the Mayo Hospital, told reporters outside the Emergency Ward. Death toll could rise as many of the seriously wounded were under intensive medical care, doctors said. Crimes Investigations Agency (CIA) police chief Umer Virk said the bomber was going towards Data Darbar but detonated his vest when stopped for body scan at about 5:33 pm. The police investigators were seen collecting ball-bearings and other evidences from the blast scene. The terrorist tried to cross the cordon but failed to do so right at the first entry point before Data Darbar. There were no walkthrough gates installed at the entry points while many policemen were guarding the vicinity without metal detectors, an essential equipment to detect explosives. The bomber was also carrying explosive material in a shopping bag, also containing magic books and CDs of Chinese films, police said. Talking to The Nation, Operations Police chief DIG Rao Sardar said the entire nation was facing the wave of terror and suicidal attacks. The martyred and brave policemen have really saved many lives by intercepting the bomber outside the red zone, he said. A passer-by woman, who arrived from Karachi along with 24-year-old brother Monday night to attend Chehlum procession, said her brother was missing after the blast. Dozens of people mostly policemen were standing there when the incident took place out of whom 15 persons, including a woman died on the spot, an eyewitness said. Rescue workers said at least 13 people, including four policemen, one woman and a seven-year-old child were killed while 83 others injured in the terrible terror strike. It is pertinent to recall that suicide bombers on July 1, last year, struck Data Darbar during Thursday prayers and killed more than 40 people while 175 other injured. The terror strike, the first of 2011 in the Punjab capital, was carried despite tight security. The government declared a state of emergency in all the public hospitals as ambulances were seen racing to the spot for shifting the injured to Mayo, Ganga Ram and Services hospitals. The blast was so powerful that it shattered the windowpanes of several nearby buildings. The explosion was heard far and wide that triggered panic and terror in the congested locality while the police cordoned the entire locality and launched search operation. The investigators collected remains of the bomber from the blast site and sent it for forensic examination; however, the identification of the suicide bomber is yet to be ascertained. The police also arrested a suspect from the blast site and shifted him to some unknown place for further interrogation. Investigation was underway till filing of this report while a case was registered with the Bhatti Gate Police Station after Tuesday midnight. 4 cops among 13 die in Lahore Mansoor Khan KARACHI - Two police personnel were among three killed and several others got injured, some of them critically, when a suicide bomber rammed his bike into a police vehicle near Malir Halt on the main National Highway Tuesday evening. According to the police, the suicide bomber was carrying a bag with some explosive material and was chasing a bus with Shia community members aboard. On this the police patrols informed the police station about the suspicious movements of the bikers. Soon a police mobile chased him and attempted to intercept him few meters away from the bus, however, the motorcyclist hit the police van and exploded himself. As a result, two policemen died. They were indentified as Constable Kamran Qurashi and Mushtaq who were called from Razaqabad police training centre to intensify to the police contingents on the occasion. Had the motorcyclist not intercepted in time and he could have blasted the bus causing a bigger tragedy, said DIG East Commander Shokat while taking to reporters on the spot. SP CID Mazhar Mashwani said that pellets and other metal debris recovered from the scene suggest that the biker was carrying a bomb. He said that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi could be involved in the blast. He admitted that there were threats to the main Chehlum procession but because of the tight and foolproof security, the would-be bombers could not succeed in their nefarious designs. Burnt head of the suicide bomber, aged around 20, was found on the scene. Other mutilated parts of the body and motorcycle were spread around. The dead bodies of the cops were shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). According to Dr. Semi Jamali, in-charge Emergency Ward, eight injured were brought to the hospital. It may be recalled here that on February 05 last, on the Chehlum day a bomber motorcyclist had dashed his two wheelers into a bus full of mourners who were on their way to join the main Chehlum procession. Over a dozen Azadars belonging Jaffar Tayyar Society Malir had died on the spot in that bomb blast. IG Sindh Salhuddin Babar Khattak announced Rs 2 million for each family of the martyred cops.