Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira has urged media to exercise utmost care in reporting the sensitive issues.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad ‚ he referred to several instances when some sections of media reported issues with particular angles‚ creating wrong impressions and perceptions.

The Minister said today we are celebrating Eid Milad un Nabi and we should act upon the sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) exhorting people not to speak about things without investigation.

The Minister said the government is not afraid of accountability‚ but media trial on no reason must be avoided. He said media trial can spoil image of an innocent victim.

Information Minister said appointment of heads of different regulatory authorities is done as per a laid down procedure‚ which was also adopted during appointment of Tauqir Sadiq as Chairman OGRA.

He said according to the procedure‚ 17 names were scrutinized by a Committee headed by the Minister and that included Secretary Petroleum‚ Joint Secretary Petroleum‚ private sector representative Shaukat Hayat Durrani and Additional Secretary Establishment. He said the then Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani was looking after the Ministry of Petroleum at that time and he asked Raja Pervez Ashraf to head the Committee. The Committee short-listed four names including that of Tauqir Sadiq‚ which was approved by the Prime Minister.

The Information Minister said the Prime Minister‚ Ministers and officers of the government take numerous decisions in good faith and there is always room for a mistake but they should not be blamed for that. Otherwise‚ he said‚ the system of the state cannot be run. He regretted that name of Raja Pervez Ashraf is also being highlighted despite the fact that he was not an appointing authority then.

About death of NAB officer Kamran Faisal‚ the Minister said a six member medical board carried out post-mortem and samples have also been sent to laboratories in Punjab for chemical examination. He said a judicial commission consisting of a former senior judge of the Supreme Court has been set up and a two member bench of the Supreme Court is also hearing the case. He said it would be wrong to link his death with RPPs case.

The Minister said there was also irresponsible reporting on Baldia Town Karachi tragedy. He said it was a big tragedy and when Prime Minister's attention was drawn towards this case at a function in Karachi Chamber‚ the Prime Minister directed the Chief Secretary Sindh to look into the matter.

Referring to the demand of leader of the opposition in the National Assembly‚ Chaudhary Nisar that Governors should be removed before the elections‚ the Minister termed the demand as unlawful. He said Governors have no link with executive authority. He said under the 18th Amendment the role of caretaker setup has been limitized. It would only run day to day affairs and help in holding of free‚ fair and transparent elections. He said caretaker set up will be established in consultation with the opposition leader.

He added that there are contradictions in points of view of Nawaz Sharif and Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan as they often differ on key issues.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said the general elections are going to be held under caretaker setup and there should be no confusion at this stage.

Information Minister said Commission on new provinces in Punjab has been formed as a result of unanimous resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly and its report will come shortly. He said Leader of the Opposition and the Punjab government did not give the names of their representatives for the Commission. He the Commission is still working and even now the Leader of the Opposition can join it and present its point of view.

Asked about how the caretaker set up would be formed in Balochistan‚ the Minister said according to his personal opinion if an assembly is suspended then its authority is exercised by the National Assembly.

To a question he said one of the killers of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed‚  Baitullah Masood was killed in drone attack‚ another fled abroad while others are facing trial.