LAHORE - Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid has said that every option would be employed to tackle militancy and establish writ of the government at all costs.

Talking to media persons and speaking at LUMS on Saturday, the minister said eradication of terrorism was a national issue and the opinion of everyone, including PTI Chairman Imran Khan, would be respected to bring militants to the right track.

The minister said the country was facing many challenges on internal and external fronts and every means would be adopted to address all problems, including terrorism.

He said defeating those who wanted to enforce a despotic system in the country was the central point of the government policy and every inch of the motherland would be protected from them. “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is determined to ensure rule of law in every inch of the motherland,” he asserted.

When asked about the media reports indicating foreign hand behind the current wave of terrorism, Pervaiz Rashid said: “If we succeed in sorting out the problems created by internal elements, the foreign powers involved in destabilsing the country will become ineffective and feel dejected.”

To a question on the recently promulgated Protection of Pakistan Ordnance, he said legislation to this effect was the constitutional prerogative of the government.

When asked about non-appearance of Pervez Musharraf before the court, the minister replied the former military ruler had weak ability to think as a result of which he had reached a dead end. “Musharraf will have to face the law on his coming out of the hospital and will undergo surgery if he stays in the hospital. Every step of the former military ruler is tightening noose around him, so it is better for him to surrender before law,” Pervaiz said.

Speaking in the context that Pervez Musharraf was escaping the law, the minister said there was no possibility that he would be granted permission to leave the country or sent on exile. The time had gone when the law was crushed as a good era had begun in the country where everything was taking place strictly under the law.

To a question, he said the next CCI meeting would consider census and different development projects as well as matters of public importance, which was a constitutional requirement.

In his address, the minister said the government was promoting art and culture as it was necessary for healthy upbringing of a society. On a judicial restriction regarding screening of Indian movies, he said the government would respect any decision in this regard. He said Pakistan was on the road to becoming a social state from the security state as the state had begun to take lesson from the mistakes of the past. He regretted the kids who supposed to be holding painting boxes in their hands had today become suicide bombers.