PESHAWAR - Known activist of Pakistan Movement Mohammad Akram Khan Khattak died on Saturday after prolonged illness and was laid to rest at his native graveyard at Dag Ismail Khel (Chirat) in Nowshera on Saturday.

He was father of Lt Gen (Retd) Alam Khattak, former district Nazim of Nowshera Daud Khattak and Jahanzeb Khaatk. He was maternal uncle of former MNA Tariq Khattak,  provincial Minister Iqbal Hussain Khattak and Ishaq Khattak.

His funeral prayer was largely attended by people from different walks of life, including officials of military, police, civil administration and leaders of different political parties. His qul will be held at residence of Lt Gen (Retd) Alam Khattak at Dag Ismail Khel in Chirat area of Nowshera district on Monday.

Family members recalling the services he rendered as close aide of founder of Pakistan Quid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, said that he also played role as leader of Muslim Students Federation (MSF).