LAHORE (PR): The Prime Minister of Pakistan should hold an open debate in the parliament and senate and consult all stakeholders including members of civil society and trade unions on the proposed privatisation of Wapda, PIA, Sui Gas, Steel Mills, Oil & Gas, National Bank of Pakistan etc on the behest of IMF. The sky-rocketing price hike of essential commodities had been making the lives of common-man miserable day to day. The government should freeze the prices of essential commodities. In order to control day to day aggravating unemployment of the youth and the working class, the government should impose restriction upon the import of luxury goods and tax the affluent and feudal lords and use those resources to provide cheaper electricity for industry and agriculture by developing new hydel, wind and coal-fired thermal power station in the public sector instead relying upon the high price IPPs & Rental Power Houses based on furnace oil. These demands were raised through a resolution passed in a large meeting of the Trade Unions representatives and workers. The meeting was addressed by Khurshid Ahmad, General Secretary and other leaders.