On Monday January 20, 2014, right amidst the morning hustle bustle, a few meters away from the periphery of the military headquarters in Rawalpindi, an explosion ripped through the surrounding. Never before had Pakistan’s security apparatus been threatened to this extent. As per statistics, the Pakistan Army has lost more than 3,300 soldiers and officers during the last six years to this unending ‘War on Terror’. This also raises the issue if our security apparatus is competent enough to fight the threats the country confronts at this time. It’s time the state wakes up to the need and strengthens its security mechanism. The nation as well as the military just cannot endure further loss of innocent lives.

Moreover, there is dire need to overcome the prevalent social support for extremists, ranging from sympathy, ethic and tribal affinities etc. No wonder, the this menace is becoming stronger every day. The thin line between practising Muslims and terrorist Muslims seems to be misguided in Pakistan. I would like to request our learned Muslim scholars to make this issue very clear. Are these people who openly kill innocent countrymen and fellow Muslims, Muslims? .We need help from active citizen and organizational participation to work on mending our ways and mindsets and being clear in identifying our enemies. The media should concentrate more on clearing this issue than of weather Musharraf is a traitor or not!

Who is interested in these cases which are making headlines, but the present government that has failed in providing citizens security, power or any relief from the tremendous hike in prices of daily staples? I am sure the country would fare better if the government stresses on providing energy through building dams and providing water and other low priced things to the farmers.


Islamabad, January 22.