SKARDU - Radio Pakistan Skardu is a major instrument for social change, development and prosperity, highlighting government policies, national interest and airing of informative programmes especially to people of these most sensitive and less-developed areas of Pakistan.

These remarks were made by the speaker of the one-day workshop arranged by the Pak-US-Alumant network in Skardu. Syed Bahadur Ali Salik spoke on Radio Journalism (Role of Radio Pakistan) especially Radio Pakistan Skardu. He said that Radio Pakistan Skardu played its vital role to promote national heritage, traditions, poetry, folklore, folktales, language, music and literature and also promoted these dying things.

All the programme and local news are based on national integrity and solidarity and interests of the people.  Special audience programmes and local news are very popular for people of Baltistan and people of Kargil, Ledakh and Srinagar (Occupied Kashmir India) likes very much these programme and they send thousands of letters to Radio Pakistan Skardu regularly.

During Kargil War in 1999, Indian Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sosna Soraj clearly stated that Pakistan won the war through programmes and local news of Radio Pakistan Skardu. The speaker said that when there was no media in Baltistan and areas were cut off from next of the world and country Radio Pakistan Skardu as fastest and effective media covered all the events.  Emergencies, earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities, tourism, developmental activities, government policies, national and religious functions with impartiality as sole media of the country.  Radio Pakistan Skardu Broadcasts special programmes and local news regarding free medical camps, polio campaign, PIA flights for Skardu, weather news and other information through its programmes and local news and every person in Baltistan anxiously listens these news.  Radio is playing a very important role in Baltistan because this media is cheap, fast and very easy for all.  In Baltistan, the importance of radio is rising day by day.  The role of Radio Pakistan Skardu is very much important as it broadcasts special programmes to eliminate poverty, hunger, illiteracy, regionalism, terrorism, extremism, provincialism and to promote peace, marmony, love, Islamic brotherhood, and for Islam and National integrity in these areas.