The political parties and the politicians of Pakistan are divided on the issue of talks with the terrorists and different factions of Taliban. We are not sure about the number of these groups, some of them really want peace. Six months have passed since the APC was held and it unanimously authorized the government to hold talks with the Taliban for peace but no talks have been held so far, despite the government assurances. Different Political leaders of the right wing parties have been demanding a clear policy on negotiations. These talks have been delayed unnecessarily. But the government seems to be in no hurry to hold the talks

The government is confused over the issue of who to talk to! The new Interior Minister (worse than the imbecile Rehman Malik) has changed his position many times. His only option had been negotiations but he has not made any progress. Samiull Haq who was approached by the government to mediate the talks has declined to work as a ‘good will’ ambassador. Now the defense minister Kh. Asif has further created confusion by his statement saying the government will decide for or against holding the talks with the TTP. It means that they have not even decided to hold the talks.

His statement belies the earlier statements of all the government functionaries and the Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan I think the government is confused and cannot make up its mind on the issue. I am sure that time for negotiations has passed it is now time to begin military action against all the terrorists. we must hunt them down, where ever we can find them. No ifs and buts, the government should order the military operation within 48 hours. We strongly recommend this action to save the country from these wolves. The trumpeters should sing the song of death for them.


Lahore, January 23.