It was maghrib time she could hear the azaan from every corner of her house and was walking in terrace with tears rolling down on her cheeks and repeating the words of azaan Hayya Ala-Falaa, hayya Ala-Fallaa. she began to cry more and more. she could not control her tears. She sat down there alone looking at the sky and in pain she cried out loud saying: Oh Allah. she started asking the questions to Allah. Oh Allah! Are we the ummati of Mohammad (p.b.u.h.)? The one who used to love every person. who used to cry for us. Oh Allah! you have created us from sand. You have put soul in our useless body. But why every person running for the worldly desires. Our Nabi (p.b.u.h) was not like this, Then why are we?

She was fed up with the people around her, whom she loved dearly. After being hurt by every person she loved, when every person rejected for any kind of help she wanted. When her feelings were shattered, When she was left all alone, At that time After the Azaan and crying out to Allah alone, she took the prayer mat and made the sajda and then she whispered out Ya Wadudu- Ya Raheemu. And at that point she realized, this Dunya (world) cannot love you, every person will love or care for his sake or until the desire for love is not finish. But Allah will love you forever. This dunya will leave you alone when you need them the most but your Allah will be there for you, This dunya search for money, fame and worldly enjoyment. But your Allah waits for you to talk to him. Wait for your repentance. she asked for Allah’s help and love and she was calm because she knew her Allah is listening to her. She knew that Allah loves us more than 70 mothers. For Every cry Allah says I’m here.


Lahore, January 23.