LAHORE - The business community on Saturday lauded the government for its decision to uproot terrorism though military operation terming it first victory. The traders said that outcome of parleys with Taliban and actions by police as well as paramilitary forces have failed to produce desired results therefore a full-fledged military operation should be launched to quell terror from Pakistan.

They asked all the stakeholders to join hands to get rid of the menace of terror which has shaken the foundations of country besides bringing a bad name to Pakistan.  Time has come to settle the issue though a stern action as negotiations and using police and paramilitary has only helped terrorists to strengthen their positions, they said. They said that forceful statements are of no use, all we need is uncompromising action which should not be delayed under any considerations so that the confidence of masses and business community can be restored and brain drain, exodus of industry and flight of capital can be stopped.

Zubair Ahmed Malik, President FPCCI said that eradicating callous terrorists to ensure peace has become more important than resolving energy crisis, trade relaxations, privatization, and improved international trade. He said that lawlessness was not only a major factor in failure of former government but it has still been frustrating all initiatives aimed at national development.

He said that meaningful military operation should not remain confined to an area but everywhere in country where it is needed as we have no future unless we take hard decisions.  The veteran business leader added that we have full faith in capabilities of our armed forces and we admire their sacrifices but those who are advocating talks are deceiving themselves as well as whole nation.

Similarly, those who are dubbing militants as annoyed friends are trying to lessen intensity of their crimes against humanity in the eyes of masses which is a foreign sponsored agenda, he added.

Malik said that army should undertake extra caution as dozens of countries have been supporting terrorists providing them with such latest equipment that Pakistan lacks.  Moreover, he advised, local population should be taken in confidence, casualties of civilians must be avoided and lessons learnt from earlier operations should be kept in mind to defeat the hardened enemy.

Operation should be launched in Fata, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Balochistan and Karachi unless it reaches logical end, said Baig Raj, President of the Punjab Forum.

He said that masses are anticipating peace after they found Prime Minister and military leadership on one page which is highly encouraging.

Baig Raj said that masses as well as security forces are braving increasing terror incidents after butcher of Swat has taken over as chief of TTP while the unfortunate Hazara community has to bring bodies of their dear ones to roads in protest which is unfortunate.

He noted that Sri Lanka opted for a merciless military operation after three bloody decades of war with mutineers therefore Pakistan should learn a lesson and settle this issue once and for all.

Baig Raj said that those who want talks with terrorists are doing so on the behest of forces that wants a destabilised Pakistan.