Rawalpindi- Security at all airports of the country has been heightened, after intelligence reports that the terrorists could target any airport.

According to a private TV channel report, a security official on condition of anonymity said that the red alert has been issued for the airport, after the intelligence report. Security has also been beefed up in areas around the airport, while Elite Force personnel have been deployed at important buildings. The frequency of their patrol has been increased.

Airport Security Force can request assistance of all the agencies, in case of any attack by the terrorists.

Meanwhile checking has been increased at the entry gate of Benazir Bhutto airport. Long queues of vehicles are visible round the clock, as people turn up in vehicles to drop or receive those using different airlines.

Visitors are being discouraged to enter the parking area and the outer hall of the airport, meant for receiving or bidding farewell to the passengers.  Most of the people who go to the airport to receive their dear ones are off loaded from the vehicles and made to wait at the outer gate of the airport.

Drivers and car owners who get out of the airport are also facing much inconvenience, as they are also required to wait in the line, as only one vehicle can get out of the exit gate.