I wish to draw the attention of the Minister for Railway, Khawaja Saad Rafique to a longstanding demand of the residents of, Street No 10 of Madina Colony Walton, Lahore Cantt, a constituency of Khawaja Saad. The Walton Cantt Board charges a handsome annual fee as sewerage charges besides property and water tax but they do not care to address, the grievances of these tax payers of the area. The sewerage system, of the above said street, was laid long before the colony was so heavily inhabited, by the the residents on ‘self-help basis’ and since then the street has been raised up a couple of times by the government, but nothing was done to improve the sewerage system, resulting in choked gutters every now and then and especially during monsoons when the filthy gutter water enters the houses, which not only destroys belongings but also becomes a source of infectious diseases.

Many complaints have been lodged with the concerned department at CBW, in this regard, but all the requests fell on deaf ears and no one has ever bothered to look into this serious matter. Now a big project, connecting Cavalry Ground with Ferozepur Road is underway, and Kh. Sahib’s little concern would rid us of this permanent and horrible menace.


Lahore, January 25.