Power theft is a country-wide problem, which needs immediate and lasting solution. District Charsadda in general and Charsadda City in particular is no exception, as the authorities of PESCO have failed to control the evil of electricity theft. These thieves are fined a meagre amount. Is it appropriate for PESCO to fine a thief just Rs 5000, if he has stolen power worth hundreds of thousands in just a few hours? I don’t think it is fair punishment, and an appropriate deterrence to discourage this evil practice rather it has encourages the evil practice. Sometimes these thieves, in connivance with PESCO labour, get their meters shifted and placed high on poles making it hard to detect their theft. PESCO officials, in most cases are involved with meter tampering, reversal of meters readings, and. Habitual thieves need to be re-visited time and again, and their electricity meters should be under observation.

Those who receive electricity, including this writer, from Feeder One in Charsadda city, would like to request the PESCO high-ups, particularly the Executive Engineer, to correct the cellular phone number of the concerned SDO PESCO printed on the electricity bills, so that consumers, in case of electricity disruption, load shedding, or any other emergency can call them. This writer tried to contact the concerned department, to request for restoration of electricity, but was responded by the information that the number was for someone in Mardan, and not Charsadda. A request is made for the correct phone number of the relevant SDO.


Charsadda, January 23.