A business delegation, of leading food exporters, will be visiting Russia very soon to explore their agriculture and food markets. It is an opportunity for Pakistan to evolve a strategy for a share in the Russian market. Five products especially have been identified for exports, potatoes, rice, dairy products, tobacco and citrus varieties. The delegation will interact with Russian buyers to identify the routes and mode of payment during period of US trade Sanctions on Russia. Currently Pakistan is exporting woven cotton fabrics, fruit and vegetables, medical and surgical equipment, rice, textile material and articles of apparel to Russia. There is definitely room for improvement as bilateral trade between the two countries can be much enhanced. Russia is now looking towards Asia for imports as the west has placed sanctions on it and it needs to expand its imports base. This is the right time for Pakistan to step in and take advantage. The delegation proceeding to Russia will hopefully come back with some lucrative options.


Lahore, January 22.