Provincial government allocated 13 billion for the development of the Sindh Health Department and for the critical drought situation in Thar but unfortunately the authorities failed (as usual) to distribute the allocated funds for the rehabilitation of people. While the government reports showed that 311 children died in December of last year, the actual casualties statistics by private sources are much higher. While the reason behind the deaths was premature birth, low birth weight, pneumonia, delivery of babies through traditional birth pattern and diarrhoea, the official statistics says that the majority were new born but it all comes down to lack of health facilities as well as lack of food. Most of the doctor who are supposed to be practicing in this area are ghost doctors and medical staff. I would like to request Sindh government to take strict steps against these ghost doctors and paramedic staff and leave all other activities, such as shouting in the Assemblies and focus on Thar.


Islamabad, January 23.