Lahore-For decades, brand Pepsi has inspired the youth to make moments into memories. With its ecstatic, vibrant, playful and enthusiastic tone, the brand has always had a rallying cry to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

Today, Pepsi unveiled its new mantra “Jee Lay Har Pal’ with none other than the top rock star of Pakistan Atif Aslam. The event was held yesterday at Royal Palm.

The blue carpet was a star-studded affair with who’s who of the entertainment industry, socialites and corporate giants coming together in an elegant mix of glitz. Celebrities were spotted at the blue carpet wearing their favourite designer wear outfit. Fawad Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt, Saba Qamar, Kukki were just some of the names that graced the blue carpet. The show opened up with by hosting of talented actress Ayesha Omar. She had incredible energy on the stage and invited Atif Aslam  to perform his popular hit songs with the unveiled pepsi song and mesmerize the audience with his power pack performance.

Atif Aslam at the unveil of Pepsi Jee Lay Har Pal mantra. said, “I have always believed that life is too short to be lived in neutral and that we need to savor every moment of life to the fullest. My entire life has been a journey to find the moment within the moments and to live those moments on my own terms. Pepsi’s fresh mantra of Jee Lay Har Pal is a perfect manifestation of my belief system and defines a purpose in life to unlock the excitement of life in every moment. ‘Jee Lay Har Pal’ anthem is not just a song but an inspiration for the youth that I have written & composed from the heart”.

“We need to inspire the youth of Pakistan to believe that life is full of amazing possibilities and that they should let no inhibition or barrier stop them from following their passions and forging their own paths. Jee Lay Har Pal anthem is a great manifestation of brand Pepsi’s belief and will serve as the enabler for the youth to live the excitement of life in every moment”, says Salman Ghani Butt-Marketing Director PepsiCo.