KARACHI -  Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair said that the country’s economic growth and ensuing societal prosperity could be achieved through investments on infrastructure and energy sector mainly to generate revenues for the public welfare.

He was addressing at the 7th International Corporate Social Responsibility Summit and awards by the professionals network held at a local hotel. The governor mentioned that the federal government increased the federal revenues from Rs1.9 trillion to Rs 4 trillion since its assumed the power, resulting the situation of electricity, education and healthcare witnessed a marked improvement.

The governor said that the government focused on enhancing the fiscal spaces across the country that will engender financial resources as a result to develop projects of electricity and bridges, hence the businesses are flourished subsequently along with units of public healthcare and literacy.

Highways, airports, railways, and power projects are indispensible because they pave the way towards the economic and societal prosperity in the country, he added.

He added that an amount of 4.5 billion dollars have been invested in Thar so far on power projects alone whereas the situation of healthcare and education is getting improved there. Zubair added that the area of literacy is phenomenal but it should be addressed by the government along with private sector with immediate executions and sustainable solutions.

He further said that the corporate sector is playing a vital role in building the nation by helping the underprivileged of our society through projects of healthcare, education and environment under their CSR campaigns.

The federal government would continue to play its due role in the welfare of traders and businessmen of Karachi besides enhancing industrial activities in the port city. He said that the federal government would address the issues of business community so opportunities could be increased resulting in better business activities and employment.

A large number of people and members of corporate sector attended the ceremony. The program had six different sessions addressed by CSR members and professionals and people from NGO sector. They discussed the developments in healthcare, education, environment, sports and other social fields in private as well as government sectors.