Naqeebullah Mehsud has been declared innocent today by the inquiry committee in their final report which will be presented in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The inquiry committee completed it probe into Naqeebullah Mehsud's case who was allegedly killed in police encounter in Karachi earlier this month.

The 15-page report has declared Naqeebullah ‘innocent’ and his encounter ‘fake’. Statements of the two persons arrested along with Naqeeb have also been included in the case.

The report further says that police nabbed Naqeebullah and two others from Sohrab Goth on January 3rd and the two accomplices of Naqeeb were left after Rao Anwar’s team allegedly received bribery from them.

The statement of banned outfit Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commander, imprisoned in Karachi Central Jail, Qari Ahsan is also stated in the report who denied the accusations of Rao Anwar.

Ahsan asserted that the murdered Naqeebullah is not the one wanted to police.

He revealed in his statement that Rao Anwar had made a private torture room near Guddap police station where more than 45 people were present.

Police used to frequently kill four or five people from them in fake encounter, Ahsan added.

The report went on to say that 26 shells of police submachine gun were recovered from the crime scene. The four people were shot uniformly by the police personnel but no evidence of retaliatory fire has been found.

A team of Sindh police is likely to depart for Islamabad in next 24 hours to arrest Anwar.