LAHORE: When it comes to hairstyles most of us would prefer to play it safe. Fashion is an extension of the individual’s personality. What you wear and what you flaunt to the world is an expression of who you are. In the game of creativity those who pass the muster become the centre of attraction and inspiration.

At the fashion weeks, the clothes designs are useless without the presentation of hair styling and every year we wait for such shows to happen so that we can get awareness of the latest hair trends. However, taking inspiration from international trends and customizing them to the Pakistani market, Label.m’s two prominent faces Gary France, International Educational Director and Max Lamparter, International Ambassador were invited to Pakistan to host an exclusive hair and makeup workshop to educate local stylists about international trends and how they can be incorporated into the local fashion landscape.

The event was part of Label.m’s global campaign ‘We Are Two’ which they launched in Pakistan for the first time ever. The campaign focused on global diversity and inclusion and was all about bringing people together, building and maintaining relationships.

The hard work and great investments were visible. The show was electric as it was creative with flaming makeovers ushering us into the season’s hottest trends and hues for our hair. It managed to push the limits of traditional hairstyling by using extensive props to achieve the desired look and managed to create blow-by-blow drama on the ramp. For all those who love to experiment with your hair, take a cue to these styles, cuts and trends. With multi colours freewheeling into international trends, the hair colour segment made some quirky statements catering with the following:

Volume and wave: Taking inspiration from natural hair texture, fringes give a low maintenance look. They kept the looks dramatic yet modern and stylish.

Men's: Gents styles were all about maximising short lengths and natural curls. Hairlines were sharp leading into more tousled and relaxed lengths.

Ultra-style: A straight fringe on a man is for the super edgy who like to lead the fashion pack, as opposed to follow it.

City-Slick: A firm favourite in Pakistan, sides are blended seamlessly with smoothed down lengths towards the face.

Twisted Soul: An elaborate use of twists on a simple parting. Amazing for long haired women who need something fun and edgy.

Gilded Braid: A contemporary take on traditional braiding, this is a new favourite with local clients.

Modern Mullet: Short hair but with some length around the hairline embraces features for a delicate yet feminine look.

Beach Babe: Mid-length hair can be spritzed with mattifying products to create a bohemian feel. Fantastic for fine or lifeless hair that needs a boost.

Creative Director Toni&Guy North Pakistan, Shammal Qureshi said, “We have introduced all the latest looks from ‘We are two’ campaign by Label.m which is a global celebration about cultural diversity, unity, equality, Individuality and partnerships. Youngsters are tired of old looks they actually want something new which is inspired from the internationals trends. So, keeping all this things in mind I brought these master minds from UK to introduce something new in Pakistan,” he said.

Gary France said, “I personally love the Pakistani quality of hair and it was a new experience for me to work with so many different hair textures,” Gary said.

Max Lamparter was of the view that the ‘We Are Two’ campaign seeks to inspire hairdressers on the latest trends and techniques through innovative product use and choices. In regards to our visit to Lahore, the campaign is about connecting in a closer way with stylists around Pakistan and making them enjoy the way various products appeal to their clients.

However, a little concentration on the event’s vibrancy could have saved the show. We understand that it was first of its kind, perhaps that’s why we expected a lot more sense from the organizers. Perhaps if they had worked out on the sitting plan a bit more and brainstormed on their choice of venue, the audience would have built a better connection to the activities taking place on the ramp and gave more insight into the on-stage live styling installations.