The riff between the Oil Tankers Association and the government seems never ending. Only a few months back, the association protested against the enforcement of safety regulations by the authorities. They wanted to continue with their old ways of managing work even after two mishaps in the country that resulted in the tanker catching fire. It is a well-known fact that the tankers they are utilising are old and unsafe for the environment and the people around. Such blatant refusal of following the security regulations and protesting against it painted a very disrespectful and irresponsible picture of the association. This is especially true in light of their recent accusation against the National Logistic Cell tankers in the oil business.

There are two aspects to this development. One is that National Logistic Cell has stated that it gets the preferential treatment from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) because it follows the regulations laid out by them. If the private oil tankers refuse to follow regulations, as we have witnessed in process before, than given preferential treatment to those who follow them is a good precedent to set in the matter. This should encourage others to follow the same line and it is better than given harsh punishments to those who do not follow these regulations because that will further agitate them.

However, the claims being made by Oil Tankers Association cannot fully be negated. If in matters other than the preferential treatment, they feel that the government is not following through with its promises then the government must respond and explain why there are lags in the process. The idea should not be to alienate them rather include them in the process and then ensuring that they follow through with all the instructions given to them.