MULTAN - Jamaat-e-Islami Naib Amir Mian Aslam declared on Thursday that the reorganisation of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal would be done till February 15 and his party would take part in the coming elections from the MMA platform.

Addressing a news conference here at local JI office, he added that the JI would launch massive election campaign and MMA’s good-character candidates would win the polls. He said that the masses would reject looters of national wealth, criminals and thugs who were in occupation of the throne for the last 70 years. He maintained that the corrupt rulers plunged the country into lawlessness, poverty and terrorism. He added that the people were forced to commit suicides due to poverty, hunger and price hike.

Referring to Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, he said that it is the integral part of faith of every Muslim, therefore, no compromise will be made on the issue. He said that the issue had not ended so far, asking the government to make Raja Zafarul Haq Committee’s report public besides unveiling the faces of those amended the declaration.

He condemned the hike in petroleum prices, and said that the government itself had confessed that it earned over Rs325 billion as profit from petroleum. He claimed that the government earned Rs24 per litre which was condemnable. He demanded the government to announce a major cut on petroleum prices.

He said that the sugar mills mafia kept fleecing poor growers and refused to pay Rs180 per maund price for sugarcane despite court order. “It’s contempt of court. The JI will continue to fight for the rights of the sugarcane growers,” he declared. He said that the sugar mills were owned by the rulers but the JI would challenge them at all platforms for their exploitation.

Answering to a question, he said that the arrest of the killer of Zainab was good but the beast should be given exemplary punishment so that no one else could dare commit such crime in future. He said that the celebrations, clapping and laughter during the press conference by the Chief Minister was condemnable which confirmed senselessness of the rulers. He said that enforcement of Shariah Laws was imperative to save the coming generation.

He said that the martyrs of Model Town be given justice and all murderers irrespective of their status be punished. He said that the killing of citizens at the hands of police was failure of Sindh Government and police system needed immediate reorganisation. He rejected US President Trump’s decision regarding Jerusalem and declared it a war declaration against Muslims. He warned that the Muslims would never accept the decision.