LAHORE - Punjab Minister for Women Development Ashifa Riaz Fatyana on Friday said that artists had a special place in society as they inspired people by depicting realities of life in an artistic manner.

The minister visited the art exhibition at Alhamra Art Gallery and commended the artworks of Saba Hisham terming them mesmerizing and close to life. She also lauded the Lahore Art Council for providing an opportunity to talented artists to display their work.

This four-day art exhibition was attended by students, renowned artists and art enthusiasts. The minister stated that artworks not only defined a culture but also represented the essence of any society. She also admired the painter’s artwork, saying that it was close to Pakistan’s culture and highlighted the contemporary issues.

“Such exhibitions help the young artists in unlocking creativity which, in turn, inspires people to know the true meanings of life,” she observed, adding that Pakistani women were talented and determined to set the country on the path of development and prosperity.  The minister expressed her government’s resolve to help the skilled women in their respective fields of work.

“The government will ensure that every talented woman is given a chance to participate equally at a national level by providing them resources and other facilities,” she concluded.