LAHORE - Renowned gynaecologist Prof Rashid Latif has stressed the need for raising awareness about hazards of deliveries by unqualified birth attendants.

Addressing the inaugural session of 10 day clinical course on gynaecology at Lahore General Hospital on Friday, he said that equipping gynaecologists with latest knowledge and research could help decreasing maternal and infant mortality rate. Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof Muhammad Tayyab, Prof Sardar Al-Fareed Zafar, Prof Alia Bashir, Medical Superintendent LGH Dr Mahmood Salahud Din, faculty members and young doctors were also present.

Prof Rashid Latif said that regular checkups from trained gynaecologists were vital to avoid complications.

Prof Tayyab said that majority of pregnant women contact local untrained birth attendants which could cause complications and even death of mother or child. He stressed the need of avoiding such scenario by creating public awareness. He urged doctors to focus on research and continue updating knowledge to meet modern day challenges.

He said that training of doctors was important for own career growth and improvement in service delivery. Appreciating holding such events, he said that it was a good opportunity for young doctors to improve their skills and knowledge.