More than 50 per cent people of Pakistan have expressed a favorable opinion on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s performance up to date as the premier, said a Gallup and Gillani survey report.

According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey, the respondents were divided into five categories namely, “urban”, “rural”, “under 30”, “30 to 50” and “above 50”.

1,141 were asked their opinion about the incumbent premier’s performance since he assumed office after winning the 2018 elections.

The findings of the survey relayed that 38 per cent Pakistanis rated him as “good”, 13 per cent of the people held a “very good” opinion about him whereas 26 per cent people had a “bad” opinion about PM Khan’s performance and 20 per cent had a “very bad” view about him.

The results succinctly depicted that urban respondents held a more positive view about the prime minister’s tenure.

From among them, 15 per cent people rated PM Khan’s performance “very good” and 44 per cent said it was just “good” whereas 23 per cent termed it “bad” and 16 per cent stated it was “very bad.” Two per cent of the people did not know or decided not to respond.

Among the rural respondents, merely 12 per cent rated the premier’s performance as “very good” and 35 per cent said it was just “good”. 27 per cent opined it as “bad” whereas 22 per cent termed it as “very bad”. Four per cent people did not wish to respond.

The survey revealed that 65 per cent respondents under the age of 30 hold a favorable opinion about him and he enjoys a better approval rating among them.

However, it is pertinent to note that the 50 plus age bracket was not satisfied by the prime minister’s performance, rating it as “bad” and “very bad.”

PM Khan attained the post of prime minister by winning the 2018 elections after receiving almost 32 per cent of the total votes cast.