Baloch people are full of talent, but they are not getting any chance to show their talent. In fact, Pakistan super league ( PSL) is full of new Pakistani players but we cannot find a single Baloch in PSL. However, there is a team for Balochistan named Quetta, in this team we also cannot find a single Baloch in PSL.

Recently a player was selected for under 16 team of Turbat and went in Quetta for playing, he performed very well and was the top scorer in under 16 tournament still he returned toward his home again, no one showed any humanity for him and sent him back. Most importantly, they are not being supported from the government side and their talents are being wasted. Hockey is known as a national game of Pakistan and in Turbat there are many players who are playing this game and they don’t have any good ground to play, once they requested to the government of Balochistan for a ground. Unfortunately, government has neglected their request.

Furthermore, there is a Baloch, who made a software that no one can hack his software, while English people listened that a Baloch person has made a software then they become shocked and went in a deep thinking that how a Baloch can make likewise software and he awarded from outside countries. But still Pakistan has not given him anything. Therefore, I request to the PM, Imran Khan to support Baloch and to not crucify the talent of Baloch people.


Singanisar, January 10.