KARACHI  -   Sindh Minister for Prisons Syed Nasir Hussain Shah Friday said that central jail Karachi was out of space as number of prisoners was more than twice to its designated capacity.

Responding to the lawmakers’ queries in the Sindh Assembly, the minister apprised that there were 4,956 people incarcerated in the Karachi central prison against its capacity of 2400.

“A total 3,766 under trial prisoners, 1109 convicted and 81 detainee prisoners were incarcerated till 13th December 2018,” he added.

As per the minister’s response, the situation was no different at Hyderabad central prison where 2,356 persons were jailed against its capacity of 1,527.

Nasir said that 24 RCC cells with separate wall up to 20 feet for normal and terrorists prisoners are being constructed in both the cities whereas the construction of bomb proof wall up-to 20 feet around Jail premises would also be established.

“A total 32 of 64 separated cells have been developed for condemned prisoners at Karachi prison. The renovation work of prisoners’ barracks, cells and hospital is also in progress,” he added.

To a query that that foreign nationals are kept in Jails in interior Sindh, Nasir informed that these prisoners have been remanded to the jails by the courts of that districts and their case are also tried. He added that there were 35 foreign national prisoners were also kept in prisons in interior part of the province.

Explaining efforts for rehabilitation of inmates, the minister informed that the prisons has the facility of Quran education and sermons, learning in school up to secondary classes, different courses of psychology, computer, tailoring, sewing, carpentry, electricity works, beautician, English language and hair cutting. He further outlined that fine art, painting and drawing is also encouraged along with indoor and outdoor games for the prisoners.

He also said that educational facilities from Allama Iqbal Open University and different education Boards of Sindh Province were provided to the inmates.

Highlighting measures to cope up corruption in the province, the minister informed that they had devised a mechanism for complaints from inmates against officials and it is enquired and disciplinary action against defaulter is initiated under the rules, if someone found involved in corruption.

Nasir said that they had ordered shuffling of the prison officials on regular basis and the officials especially guarding staff who have been posted at one station for more than three years were transferred and posted at other prisons in order to avoid corrupt practices.

Explaining the food stuff provided at the prisons, it was informed that on daily basis three times fresh cooked food (breakfast, midday & evening meals) standardized, balanced, healthy and nutritional is being provided to the prison inmates.

He added that food is being provided according to the prescribed diet, menu and scale prepared by professionally, skilled chef with appropriate manner under proper hygienic conditions in a dedicated cook houses situated inside the prisons where fly proofing and ventilation arrangements has been made.