ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Museum for Natural History (PMNH) will complete work on establishing a state-of-the-art forest gallery titled `Botanical Forest Diorama’ within a month which will be a great addition for the researchers and students to explore different species of plants. 

According to the official source, around 90 percent work of the forest gallery has been completed and it will be made functional soon for the visitors.

The forest gallery will have specimens of a variety of plant species, herbs and insects which would enable the students to conduct research and explore different aspects. The museum has also started work on establishing an `Ocean Gallery’ during this year to display a huge variety of specimen of fish and things associated with their existence, the official informed. Pakistan Museum for Natural History is the only museum, working under Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), which has conserved 1.5 million specimens of rich natural resources collected from all over the country and is displaying them in form of more than 150 attractive 2-D and 3-D exhibits.

Pakistan Museum for Natural History has a display of some of the world’s famous iconic specimens like 16 ton Whale Shark with a length of 41 feet, 80 feet long Blue Whale, extinct Balochitherium (a thirty million old largest land mammal) and 50 kg Python with a length of 18 feet.The museum has state-of-the-art Gemstone gallery, Biodiversity Galley, Birds of Pakistan Gallery, Dinosaurs Gallery, Fossils Gallery, Gallery for Higher Plants, Gallery for Medicinal Plants, Gallery for Lower Plants, World of Mammals, World of Reptiles, World of Fish etc. The museum has taken a number of initiatives for adding more varieties of natural resources in form of plants, animals, minerals, rocks, fossils etc. in the museum to attract more and more visitors.

The number of visitors of the museum has been increased from 4, 00,000 up to 40,00,000 annually due to the efforts of the department, its scientists and other technical team who have also focused on innovative ideas.

This museum, being the only one of its kind, is a source of education for thousands of students and researchers who visit it on a daily basis and are provided a comfortable environment and maximum facilitation to conduct study on different species.