KARACHI  -   Ruling Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) got the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA Ramzan Ghanchi injured to take revenge of the shameful defeat to their leader Bilawal Zardari from Lyari, said PTI Sindh chapter general secretary and leader of parliamentary party in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here on Friday.

According to details, lawmakers of PTI in Sindh assembly wanted to table a resolution against the attack on MPA Ramzan Ghanchi but the speaker adjourned the House. On this the PTI MPAs strongly protested in the House and raised slogans against Chief Minister Murad Shah.

Later, talking to media men outside the assembly, Haleem Adil said that the PPP has established a civil dictatorship in Sindh Assembly. He said to take revenge of the defeat of Bilawal Zardari from Lyari, the PPP hooligans attacked the house of MPA Ramzan Ghanchi, and got him ‘half fried’ at the hand of their UC chairman. He said in Sindh the PPP uses the dame tactics to get half fried its political opponents through police. He said we will not allow this highhandedness and rowdy behavior of the PPP.

Haleem Adil said in the Sindh Assembly, the man sitting on the chair of speaker is behaving like a dictator. He said we had hoped of a better atmosphere in assembly but there is a civil dictatorship. He said in past many people including Murtaza Bhutto, Khalid Shahanshah and Bilawal Sheikh had been murdered by their own people because they dare to speak truth. He said the attack on PTI MPA Ramzan Ghanchi has exposed the real ugly face of the PPP rulers.

He said the PPP UC Vice chairman Ali Soomro and his men attacked Ramzan Ghanchi under a preplanned conspiracy, because the PPP has failed to stop the growing popularity of PTI in Lyari and whole Karachi.

Haleem Adil said so far Ali Soomro is not arrested, which shows that these criminals have got patronage of the government of Sindh. He said the Sindh police have to arrest this accused to prove that it is not a Jiyala police. He said if the accused were not arrested the PTI would launch a big protest drive. He said these attacks prove that the PPP is not a political party but a criminal outfit, and it establishes Al-Zulfiqar and Lyari gang wars to achieve its nefarious designs. He said now when the PPP and it leadership faces JITs for their corruption their provincial government has resorted to terror. He said their terrorism would; however, not last for long.