Queen Elizabeth and her husband were pictured arriving in their Land Rover not wearing their seatbelts – and, reportedly, even with the seatbelt alarm turned off by request.

The Queen, 92, was seen arriving at a Women’s Institute event in West Newton today with no seatbelt, according to a source. Prince Philip’s Land Rover also reportedly had the vital safety feature deactivated — to the fury of road safety campaigners – just a week after Philip, 97, was involved in a road crash.

According to a source, Jaguar Land Rover was instructed to disable the seatbelt alarm on vehicles supplied to the royals “so that the driver doesn’t have the continuous warning beeps if they don’t wear a seatbelt.”

Former royal protection officer Simon Morgan told Hello magazine that sometimes royals don't wear seat belts in order to escape quickly in an emergency. 

“In the threat and risk matrix it's a matter of looking at each individual situation to decide what is the best way of achieving what needs to be achieved. For example, considering that a quick entry or exit to a vehicle is easier when people aren't strapped into seat belts,” he said.

However, road campaigners said Prince Philip was “disrespecting” the public and had to wear one — even if the alarm is turned off.

British Safety Council chairman Lawrence Waterman was furious saying: “It’s not as if it’s onerous or difficult — and the law requires it. Obviously, these safety devices are a helpful reminder and I’m very disappointed as I do feel the royals should be setting a better example.”

Waterman noted that Prince Philip should be wearing a seatbelt. As he’s “old enough to know what he should be doing.”

Neither Jaguar Land Rover nor Buckingham Palace has commented on the matter.