GUJRAT-Promotion of positive values should be part of the national strategy to help boost social and societal progress and is the best prevention against the spiralling drug addiction among the youth, University of Gujrat vice chancellor said.

Prof Dr Muhammad Faheem Malik made these remarks while addressing the concluding ceremony of a two-day workshop on how to deal with the menace of drug addiction held here at Hafiz Hayat Campus of the UoG.

The workshop titled “Awareness to Prevent Drug Addiction” was organised by Psychology Society of the UoG in collaboration with Student Services Centre (SSC).

“We need to promote positive Islamic values to deal with the vicious spiral of drugs. Life is a gift of God and we must value it. As we go about helping or treating anyone addicted to drugs, we must first need to find out the reasons and factors that made them fall prey to the menace. A strong and united family acts as a protective shield against all such ills and evils making any encroachment,” UoG Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Muhammad Faheem Malik told the participants of the workshop.

During various sessions of the two-day workshop, Dr Salman Shahzad and Dr Noor Ul-Zaman Rafiq threw ample light on various prevention methods and strategies from a psychological point of view while treating a patient.

It is pertinent to mention here that the number of drug addicts in Pakistan is on the rise and has touched the alarming figure of 90,000. Most of these drug addicts are below 25 years.

As many as 150 students from various departments of the varsity attended the two-day workshop. The concluding ceremony was moderated by senior Mass Communication student Haidar Imam Dar.