It is really a fact that Iraqies are far from justice and many of them are being killed botheringly that cannot be estimated, since they are being killed by unidentified gunmen in midnights. As the Iraq’s anti-regime protesters gathered in the capital and south on Saturday 17 of them were killed in an attack. According to the newspaper the home of Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr was targeted on Saturday in this month.

However, the attack can be considered the sign of civil war in the country. At least 17 people were killed and many of them were wounded when unidentified gunmen attacked in a large building where the protester had camped out for weaks on Friday in this month, media said that the government force a stone thrown but did not come to save them. In the same way again the gunmen came to attack on the protesters but police did nothing to save them.

So, I would like to pay people’s attention to the miserable conditions of Iraqies that a serious action should be acted for the Iraqies who are far from justice and being treated unjusticely in their own country.