Teachers play pivotal role in nation building. They are one and only source of aspiration and inspiration for our generations. They are shaping Artists, Doctors, and Engineers since centuries to thrive development in the society. Teaching profession is considered amongst most respectable professions in the world, many philosopher called it prophetic profession (worship) because of their foremost contribution in all fields.

Horrifyingly, here in Sindh, Pakistan behavior of government’s looks adverse as compared to rest of the provinces. Sindh police has sustained its tradition of beating badly teacher on roads. This week a group of teachers staged a peaceful demonstration at metropolis Karachi for regularization. After hours none from concerned department came for talks, then they (Teachers) decided to move to chief minister’s house for sit-in, on way to CM house they were badly beaten-up by police with batons and water cannons and many of them were got serious injuries.

This is not new in Pakistan and Sindh police is notorious for committing this. Every time their concerns have been resolved but after beating-up. I urge the authorities concerned to resolve their legal issues through table talks before beating-up. They are educating nation and can only understand the language of peace and pen.