SYDNEY (GN): A German-based search engine that announced a tree planting campaign to draw atten­tion on bushfires in Austra­lia, said Friday more than 26,000 trees will be planted as a result of searches. “We are now able to plant 26,446 trees in the Byron Bay area in New South Wales, which has been affected by the bushfires,” said Ecosia. The group said Monday it will use 100% of its profits, gained from each search Thursday, to help regenerate Austra­lia’s ecosystem by planting trees. It will “immediately” begin to plant 26,446 trees with the NGO ReForest Now! and has longer-term plans to restore the subtropical land­scape by reforesting cleared land that is no longer used for agriculture, Ecosia said in a statement. Mentioning the importance of selection New South Wales (NWS) as planting area, it stressed that planting trees there more urgent than other parts of the burnt area as rainforests struggle to re­generate naturally in NWS.