ISLAMABAD - Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has asked UK to play its due role in removing Pakistan’s name from the grey list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

“Friendly countries like the UK should play their due role in removing Pakistan’s name from the grey-list of FATF,” said Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser in a meeting with British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr. Christian Turner as both met to discuss the ongoing bilateral state-of-affairs between the two countries. The British High Commissioner was accompanied by the relevant diplomats engaged in parliamentary development.

The speaker informed the HC that Pakistani government together with its relevant agencies has taken numerous steps so as to counter terrorism and stop financing to the menace. He said the world should recognize the sacrifices of Pakistan. “Pakistan has relaxed its visa regime for attracting tourists from across the globe and a visa portal has also been established for issuance of online visas to the international tourists,” the speaker said.

Asad Qaiser urged United Kingdom to relax its visa regime for the Pakistani nationals. About visa fee, he requested that there was a need to reconsider the high rates.

Pakistan declared a family station for diplomats and citizens: British HC Dr. Christian Turner

Referring to the Brexit, the Speaker said that it was a challenge for the British government as well as an opportunity. “The UK should consider enhancing trade and commercial ties with the friendly countries like Pakistan, “ the national assembly speaker suggested.

The NA speaker proposed that the relevant committees in the two parliaments [UK and Pakistan] collaborate with each other for devising mutually beneficent strategies for promoting trade and commerce.

Seizing the opportunity, the speaker also highlighted the Indian atrocities in their Occupied Territory of Jammu & Kashmir and stated that the world has seen the cruel face of India and the growing fascism in the “so called” biggest democracy of the world. Under the slogan of “Hindutva”, the Indian leadership was spreading hatred among its public and, resultantly, the minorities particularly Muslims in India were threatened.

The speaker lauded the ongoing projects of the United Kingdom in Pakistan for parliamentary development. He said that there was still a need to further expand scope of the projects for the capacity building of parliamentarians. “Pakistani youth have great potential and as such the need was to provide them ample opportunities to utilize their skills for their academic and professional development,” the Speaker observed and proposed that the British Council may also establish its institutions in Pakistan so that the students, not able to study in the United Kingdom, could also receive quality and specialized education while staying back in Pakistan.

aThe British High Commissioner told the Speaker National Assembly that following UK’s fresh travel advisory on Pakistan the country has been declared as a family station for the British diplomats and citizens. He said that the travel advisory was upgraded in wake of the improved security situation of the country.