MUMBAI - Cricket Australia (CA) will wait till the outcome of the ICC's Task Force team before deciding the composition of its team for the Champions Trophy, said CA president Creag Oc'onnor. Speaking from Adelaide on Friday, few hours after the ICC endorsing the decision to hold Champions Trophy in Pakistan, he said, "I have complete confidence in the members of the Task Force. It is a team of the competent people and we are looking forward to their outcome of work before we decide about our team for the Champions Trophy." Barring David Morgan as ICC president, interestingly the Task Force team has no member from the countries (Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa) who had expressed their fear over security in Pakistan. The team is made up of David Morgan, Haroon Lorgat as CEO, I.S. Bindra (chief advisor), Sharad Pawar (India) and Dr. Naseem Ashraf (Pakistan) and representatives of ICC's Broadcast Partner ESPN STAR Sports, the ICC's independent security advisors and the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA). "At this stage, we do not have a clear understanding on the role given to the ICC Task Force which has been announced. We of course have a general understanding that it will look at ICC Champions Trophy issues causing concerns to a number of ICC member nations," Peter Young, the CA official said from Melbourne about the Task Force. "Pending a better understanding, we note that on the face of it, the Task Force seems to have a range of interests and expertise represented, and we are confident of the independent manner in which the current Chairman and current CEO of the ICC have addressed the issues during the last few days". "We also note that the Task Force has invited FICA to participate and note that FICA's Tim May, an Australian, has a track record for independent assessment of global cricket issues. We also note that the broadcaster, ESS, has been invited to participate, adding the independence of their voice to the process". "There are a lot of vexed issues which need to be addressed and resolved," Peter Young said.