WASHINGTION - Renewing US support for freedom and liberty around the world, President George W Bush on Thursday acknowledged democratic progress Pakistan has made recently. "We've seen strides toward democracy taken by nations such as Kuwait and Liberia, Mauritania and Morocco, and Pakistan," he said in a speech devoted to his administration's commitment and efforts to advance freedom in the world. He was speaking days ahead of Pakistani prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani's visit to White House on Monday (July 28) where the two leaders will discuss strengthening bilateral cooperation in a host of areas including support for democracy. Bush said it is in United States' national interest to continue liberty's advance "because we know from history that the advance of freedom is necessary for our security and for world peace." "We've removed regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq that threatened our citizens and the peace in the world. And now we're helping the people of those two nations fight the terrorists who want to establish new safe havens from which to launch attacks on America and our friends," he stated. At the same time he also recognized that "in the long run, though, the best way to defeat the terrorists is to offer a hopeful alternative to their murderous ideology " and that alternative is based on human liberty." He cited hopeful beginning for the cause of liberty in Afghanistan and Iraq.