ISLAMABAD (APP) - Commuters in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have been facing myriad transport problems which spiralled to great extent after hike in fares by the transporters. It is a fact that transport is an essential part of our lives, providing us with access to goods, services, employment and social experiences that contribute to quality of life. It is generally observed that as jobs and services have become more dispersed and tremendous hike in fares, the need to travel has become greater and society has become highly reliant on private transport to meet this need. The public transport plying between two cities were inadequate to cope with increasing public demands, when the continuous injudicious increase in fares added to financial burden of the commuters.   Apart from this controversy, most of the citizens are of the opinion that it is an apt time to re-introduce CNG passenger buses to mitigate problems associated with transportation issue. The problem seems to be increasing with a surge in the population of the twin cities and mass movement of people between the two cities. Many schemes were introduced in the past, but due to stiff resistance by the owners of vans in Rawalpindi, these could not be translated into reality. Though the district government has announced to bring transport companies on roads of twin cities in short span of time, the people have demanded that private interested companies come forward to provide relief to their daily problems. "Its strange that a company in the recent past brought out green revolution on the roads of twin cities by introducing CNG buses but it went out of the scene silently, contrary to its introduction with much fanfare," observed a senior citizen, Mumtaz Ali, standing at bus stop at Faizabad. Aiysha Naureen, a university student at I-9 police station stop welcomed introduction of Varan Bus Service. She said the seat capacity and the routes covered by these buses are signs of relief for us and such public transport schemes should be encouraged. Zulfiqar Bhatti, an executive in IT company of Islamabad, said that it is high time to bring out a parallel transport system in form of CNG buses to the existing network which would be more environmental friendly. Private transport companies can play an important role in developing better transport and reducing the impact of transport by taking some positive action towards more sustainable transport, Kamran Khaimisani, director of a human, resource development agency told the agency.