LAHORE - Constitutional package means PPP is least interested in restoration of the deposed judges and the gimmick is only to buy time to consolidate the party position in the govt to ensure a comfortable sailing if the PML-N is out of the coalition on the same issue, this is the dominant impression lawyers in the city are gathering on the inordinate delay in restoration of the judges. Constitutional package is very hard to get through the Parliament as the coalition partners will not command majority in the Senate at least till March next when the Senate goes for terminal elections, they add. In view of a clear split in the PPP leadership regarding mode of judges restoration, the present scenario of 'wait and see' is appearing more suitable to the party leadership.  Constitutional package or Parliamentary resolution followed by an executive order are the two extremes channels the party men are oscillating between, they believe. Sources in the political quarters addressing the issue say, on the instructions of PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari, Law Minister Farooq H Naek after framing a constitutional package was now wooing support for it in the lawyers and the public ranks. And moreover, some affiliated members in Pakistan Bar Council are active to break momentum of the lawyers' movement as first step in this regard. The sources believe, once lawyers deviated from the judges' restoration, not only the major stumbling block would be removed but ruling party might be in a good stead to either shelve the restoration or cause a significant dent to the issue by restoring the judges in phase in its own terms. For this end, the sources claim, efforts were already underway to woo maximum number of deposed judges on the rulers' side. They claim that in recent past a move to make public draft constitutional package in the name of a deposed judge and the report of nine deposed judges of Sindh and Punjab allegedly ready to take fresh oath of the Constitution at the cost of their original seniority are deliberate attempts to gauge the public reaction to anything by the government on these lines in future. Lawyers and others however sharply reacted to such moves terming them an attempt to divide the deposed judges and to defuse the movement. They also asked the judges not to join the government side without Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary as Chief Justice of Pakistan was reinstated or they would also be termed PCO judges and serve the same furious treatment. The judges who were getting unsteady in the stand they took after November 3 again went on back foot against this warning. Sources say the August 2 meeting of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) is very important for the reason, it has to debate on the future of Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, as President of SCBA as by a section in the 22-member body, he is being perceived as hurdle against the design government has made to reinstate the judges in its own terms. Aitzaz Ahsan who was also taken into custody on November 3 after the PCO was issued, since his release in February last, he was a real driving force behind the lawyers' movement. The whole legal fraternity in All Pakistan Lawyers Representatives Conference on July 19 last reposed a full confidence in t his leadership. The whole community is well responding to his calls thus he is deemed by his rival a big irritant. Commenting on the requisition presented before the PBC against Aitzaz Ahsan, President LHCBA Anwar Kamal said, the requisition would defeat and serve to expose those who were opposing the movement and betraying the community for their personal interests. He says lawyers movement would continue and pick up more momentum in the time to come. He also overruled any deposed judge taking oath without CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Sources say the PPP did not want to sort out the judges issue on the terms of its coalition partners PML-N for it would mean for the former giving the latter a precedent on this vital matter. They say some leaders in the PPP want replacement of the President and then earning the credit by affecting restoration of the judge through him but not knowing what difficulties involved in the first step and how much time it would take to overcome. The lawyers expected of the PML-N to come out vocal on the judges issue at the meeting of the coalition partners on July 23 but that did not come about. This has also struck in their mind a fear about somewhat changed stance of this party on the issue and its leaning to push the restoration of judges behind the operation in Fata and NWFP. Sources say the PPP still has strong reservations on the restoration of five deposed judges including Justice Chaudhry as CJP. The top most priority of the government, they say, is war on terror and countering terrorism which the prime minister would discuss with the Bush administration in his present visit. And after that the government focus is likely to be shifted more to counter terrorism and economic issues than the judges restoration. On a warning to call civil disobedience, lawyers have set August 14 deadline for the government to restore the judges. Whether lawyers would reach the point of civil disobedience or before that their movement is manoeuvred to run of out of steam, appearing the main feature of the lawyer struggle in near future. Therefore, senior lawyers in the city are giving very important to the next two months.