KARACHI - Dengue fever has returned the metropolis and a young girl was confirmed dead due to this fatal disease at Abbasi Shaheed Hopsital, sources said here on Friday. Deceased Gul-e-Zehra, 20, a resident of North Karachi Town, was rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital on Thursday late night with symptoms of dengue fever but she could survive. It is worth mentioning that the concerned department was not aware about the case. "Expected rains forecast by the Met office may convert the dengue fever into an epidemic in the whole province", medical circled feared, adding that some cases of dengue fever had been reported at different hospitals of the city with symptoms of the dangerous ailment including bleeding, high fever and vomiting, however, they were not confirmed positive with the dengue virus. According to an expert, "The rainy days are specific for breeding of mosquitoes causing dengue fever; this season will help activating vectors (eggs) of the mosquitoes. The rainy season will create new breeding places of mosquitoes if the water from these pools did not drained properly. He said that a temperature ranging from 22 to 30 degree Centigrade helps in rapid growth of mosquitoes. The Aedes aegypti mosquito, that stings during day-time, lives indoors in domestic settings and breeds in both clean and polluted water while adult mosquito is destroyed in temperature beyond 38 C but its eggs could withstand desiccation and hatch next year as well whenever conditions are conducive. The experts have strongly cautioned the public to prevent themselves from mosquito attacks by wearing appropriate dresses, using repellents and insecticides and watching against any collection of water even small puddles, which could an serve as breeding grounds for Aedes aegypti mosquito. The experts have advised the CDGK high-ups to spray Kerosene oil at the pools filled with rainwater to halt the breeding of mosquitoes.