ISLAMABAD  - Federal Minister for Law, Justice, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Division Farooq H Naek has said that he is working to set up fast-track courts, evening courts and public defenders office to cope with tremendous backlog of cases and people's grievances.   He was talking to Robert Brinkley, British High Commissioner to Pakistan on Friday. "Pakistan's judicial system is slow which has created an enormous backlog of cases", the minister said and added that the UK style fast track courts will take up cases which have been pending for a long time. "I have no doubts that this investment by the govt will go a long way in the dispensation of real social, economic and political justice to the common man," Naek emphasised. The minister said that to deal with the backlog he would shortly propose to establish evening courts in Pakistan, as they would supplement speedy disposal of cases, adding that he would shortly call an inter-provincial conference on the issue. " We have lots of court buildings and other judicial structures that stop working by noon. I wish to utilise these structures in the evening so that the rate of case disposal can be doubled," he added. Elaborating on his proposals, Naek said that the evening courts would not only speed up disposal of cases but would also help create more business for the lawyers community, more positions for potential judges and other judicial staff. Robert Brinkley urged the law minister to visit Britain and study the system of fast-track trial courts, as this would help him in materialising his vision. The law minister further said that his plan also includes a US style public defender office who would be responsible for providing legal representation and other services for those accused of crime but who could not afford to hire their own lawyer. " An attorney is needed to protect an individual's rights and to present the evidence necessary for a fair and reliable determination of guilt or innocence," the minister said, adding that the quality of justice a person receives should not be determined by how much money a person has. Therefore, the minister said, the office of public defender would be critical to the fairness of the criminal justice system. The British High Commissioner hailed Law Minister's efforts to improve Pakistan's judicial system and admired his vision for the future.